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Отзывы о клубе

Отзывы о клубе



I like studying at the Oxford Language Centre very much. There I can practice my English and communicate with interesting and intelligent people. Our speaking club is the best way to learn language and make new friends.

Marina Vdovichenko
Pre-intermediate group.

 Visiting the Engilsh-speaking club gives me personally a huge amount of pleasure, as it unites (combines) its members by helping them improve their English speaking skills discussing different interesting topics, expressing themseves. This makes them understand each other, brings them together. Plus loads of excitement and great impressions!

Olya Maslova
Advanced group.

 Once we had a topic "Music", where we listened to "Queen". After the meeting Andrei Starish said to me:"I have never liked "Queen", but I do now". I was very pleased, and a bit proud of making a good choice for our session.

Jenya Listunova
English teacher.

 I've already made a couple of friends here. Come and join us! :) It's good practice and great fun.

Sasha Bondarev
Upper-intermediate group.