Курсы иностранных языков в Одессе - OLSC


Хорошо учиться - хорошо отдыхать!:)

A beautiful sunny day was made even more memorable when Julia’s Intermediate-to-be class enjoyed a trip to the movies to celebrate the end of their successful course.

We started the day with a trip to a café, enjoying pastries and drinks at Cinema City. To the great confusion of the waiter we were all happy to communicate in English throughout our meal. We set the atmosphere for the upcoming movie by playing themed games such as ’Who Am I?’ with celebrities including Angela Jolie, Paris Hilton and Johnny Depp.

Julia was thrilled and honoured to present Achievement Certificates to Dasha, Nastya, Vova, Kate, Ruslan, Nastya, Stepa, Masha and Lera in recognition of all the hard work and progress made by them throughout the year. The students should feel very proud of themselves for the success they attained in their studies through excellent application, attitude and endeavour.

We then made our way to the cinema to see the hilarious ‘How Do You Know?’ with Rees Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. We even managed to have an impromptu photo-shoot in the cinema and it would be fair to say we would all recommend seeing this movie if you get the chance!

All in all, it was very fitting to celebrate and recognize our students’ effort and achievement with such an enjoyable day out.