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English Version

English Version

Odessa Language Study Centre (OLSC) was founded in 1995 in response to the increasing demand for a quality language school in southern Ukraine. We are the only school in Ukraine to have been admitted as a full member into the European Association for Quality Language Services (EAQUALS). We have been a member since 2003.

Our teaching methodology is based on the communicative approach and we offer up-to-date courses from world-famous publishing houses such as Pearson Longman, Oxford University Press, MacMillan and Cambridge University Press.

All our programmes are fully compliant with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

We are especially proud of having been affectionately , given the informal name of “Oxford School" by the local inhabitants - surely a testament to our professionalism and quality!

The Odessa Language Study Centre is not just another language school - it’s unique. Our mission statement is based primarily on the interests of the individual student who requires the very best individual care and comfort in a safe and peaceful environment.

Using the best of both traditional and modern teaching methods, our teachers deliver carefully researched and structured pedagogical programmes that are designed to help every student master all the key elements of a foreign language.

Our teachers, both native and non-native speakers, are experienced and highly-qualified (CELTA, TEFL) and take a personal interest in each student, ensuring that they are happy and progressing.

 We select teachers not only for their background and experience, but also for their ability to quickly establish a close rapport with students.

Survival English Courses
Another project which OLSC organizes is our new, weekend “survival” English courses. The aim here is to ensure that students can “survive" in real-life situations - in English of course!!! Topics range from booking an aeroplane ticket to ordering food in a restaurant. We teach levels from elementary to intermediate (A1 -B1) with an effective blend of local and native-speaker (England, USA) teachers. Therefore, students really do need to survive!!

Summer Intensive Programmes
Every summer OLSC runs intensive courses in English at all levels from elementary to upper-intermediate (A1-B2). These courses usually last 4- 5 weeks and lessons occur every day Monday to Friday. Our teachers follow the communicative method to enable students to progress rapidly in a very short period of time - effectively and truly intensive!

Summer Programme in Tairova for Young Learners
As part of our yearly programme we don’t just stop learning and teaching when summer comes!! OLSC offers a fun but interactive summer programme for young learners with experienced local teachers and qualified native-speaker teachers (England, Canada, USA). In a relaxed atmosphere our young learners are able to improve their language skills through games, quizzes and music. The aim is to make English enjoyable and communicative.