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День Св.Патрика

Green was the colour! St. Patrick was the name!

Drinks, dancing, quizzes, green beer and, of course, funny hats! Our school joined the rest of the world in celebrating arguably the most famous of patron saints, St. Patrick, at Odessa’s most celebrated Irish pub Mick O’Niells.

In keeping with Irish traditional, we all wore something green. For some, this was perhaps a tie or a bracelet while for others it was a four foot high green hat! We were welcomed at the door by a ten-piece orchestra at the doorway playing traditional Irish folk music which set the atmosphere very nicely for the night ahead.

Our knowledge of all things Irish were quickly tested after we had taken our seats with a roaming DJ firing questions. Modesty aside, our school proved very successful as the subsequent free drink prizes attested. We were fortunate to then have an amazing house band playing folk and more modern music from Ireland and around the world. It wasn’t long before chairs and tables were moved back and we were all on our feet Irish dancing.

As with traditional Irish friendliness, we all made new friends through talking, dancing, drinking green beer and singing Irish songs. The night sadly ended in the early hours of Friday morning and we are looking forward to the same thing, same time and the same place next year.

Slainte (that’s “Cheers” in Irish by the way :)